Thursday, October 18, 2012

DIY All-Natural Deodorant


I would like to share with you a great recipe for an all natural, non toxic deodorant. But first, what's wrong with deodorant sold at the store?

Commercial deodorants contains many harmful chemicals like Aluminum Zirconium Tetrachlorohydrex (AZT). AZT is a carcinogenic compound, or cancer causing. This chemical has been linked to developmental and reproductive toxicity. Using this chemical on your skin is a problem! Your skin absorbs everything put on it, which means this chemical can ultimately end up in your lymph nodes or bloodstream!

But we all want to smell fresh right!?!

Well here is an all natural alternative:


I used the beeswax pellets. They melt faster and smoothly for this recipe.

  1. Mix all ingredients in glass dish.
  2. Warm on low temperature in a water bath
  3. Fill deodorant container and let cool for a few hours until solid. You can cut time in half if you place in refrigerator.

Mix dry ingredients, then mix into oils.

Mixture starts out lumpy.
Mixture melts smooth. Beeswax pellets take the longest to melt.
It's ready! Add essential oils last.
Fill container and let cool.

Ready to use!

Stay Fresh!


  1. Sis! You better "get it girl!" are doin it!!! Allahu Akbar!

  2. Sis! You better "get it girl!"...You are doin it!! Allahu Akbar! Keep'em coming...cuz I'm making it ALL!:-)

  3. Love this. However make sure you get baking soda without Aluminum in it. I know Arm & Hammer has aluminum in it.